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  • October 3, 2018
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What an amazing day it was at The 6th Annual Lucy Hobbs Celebration in San Francisco.

From inspiring keynotes and breakout sessions, to food, fun and new friendships,  outstanding women in dentistry were the toast of the town!

Lending a new perspective to the profession, women continue to impact dentistry in ways that transcend the clinical. They’re not just dentists, they’re community activists, educators, mentors, and moms. Panels addressed dynamic teamwork, having it all and marketing a dental practice. Attendees connected on a professional and personal levels, sharing stories of resilience and grit.

For those of you who weren’t there, or for those of you who were and just want to relive the good vibes all over again, enjoy this selection of the best quotes, photos and memories from The Lucy Hobbs 6th Annual Celebration.

2018 Lucy Hobbs Project Award recipients speak from the heart


Athena S. Papas, DMD, PhD, recipient of the Industry Icon award:

“When I applied to dental school, Harvard wouldn’t accept my application. Then, when I got into dental school, I found out I’d be the only woman at Tufts so I chickened out. I went to an oral biology program at MIT. I had wonderful mentors there. I made it through MIT despite the fact that one of the thesis people on the committee said I’d never do anything.

And here I am.

There’s something to someone saying you won’t do it, it brings out something in us that makes us go ahead. When I finished MIT, Harvard came to me and offered me to be in the first graduating class since WWII, of having a woman in their school, and they offered me all expenses paid. After Harvard I went to Tufts, where I’ve been ever since.”



Sabiha S. Bunek, DDSrecipient of the Clinical Expertise Award:

“My father encouraged me to have my guard down, ask questions and be open. He taught me that caution and fear were two different things.

Six years ago when my father passed, Dr. John Powers became my dental father. Mary Yakas has been not only a mentor and coach, she’s helped me embrace my individuality.

I’m most excited to have my family and support system here with me today. I have an amazing, proud and supportive husband and two beautiful, spirited children who bring me immeasurable joy and inspiration every day.”




Diane Johnson KruegerCEO, recipient of the Innovator award:

“I’m so excited that there are more and more women leading dentistry.”


Screenshot 2018-09-21 18.16.42.png

Sharon K. Parsons, DDS, recipient of the Humanitarian award, could not attend the Celebration because she was speaking in front of the Ohio Dental Association House of Delegates on behalf of an Opioid Policy that includes mandated ongoing CE in dentistry.

“As people learn about addiction and the part they play, we can definitely save lives and create fewer future addicts.”

In advance of the Celebration she shared a video acceptance of her award, in which she shared:

“When women support women, magic happens.”


Jeanette Sabir-Holloway, DDSrecipient of the Mentor award:

“I’ve heard a lot of great stories today. Erin (Gruwell, Founder of the Freedom Writers Foundation) inspired me. Her message spoke volumes to me with regard to the mentoring I have been doing over the last 25 years.”


Rita Y. Chuang, BA, DDS, ABO, recipient of the Woman to Watch award:

“This is about empowerment and community. I really admire the mentorship the adult role model can have on kids that don’t have a sense of themselves.

I see myself as a community activist and community role model. Every patient who comes into my practice offers a chance to really see that special gift in them. I work with a lot of kids who are underserved. They come to me with stories about their school, their family.

I encourage all of us to make our office a haven for a moment, to help everyone find that special gift in them and encourage them to succeed in their own way and find power in themselves. That would help our future generations.”

Hear from attendees, insightful panelists and keynote speakers

Visit the official Lucy Hobbs Project pages for albums and event coverage. Check back in the days and weeks ahead for additional photos.

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– Donna Shrader, Branding and Graphic Design Specialist for Benco Dental, contributed to this story.

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