About Us

aboutOur initiative is named The Lucy Hobbs Project to honor Lucy Hobbs, the first woman in dentistry. Born in 1833, Lucy was refused admission to dental school because of her gender.  But she persevered, eventually learning dentistry as an apprentice, graduating from the Ohio College of Dental Surgery, and becoming the first licensed female dentist in 1866. Her leadership, courage and success paved the way for other women. Benco Dental is committed to helping others to do the same.  We want to empower women in dentistry to drive change and deliver results through networking, innovation and give-back. We host a national Lucy Hobbs Project Celebration in which we honor 6 exemplary women in dentistry, Lucy Hobbs Project YOU Events, partnering with universities throughout the country, and regional events where we tackle current dental trends and pressing issues within the industry all while embracing the power of networking.

Check out our networking, innovation and give back pages for more details on an event near you. The Lucy Hobbs Project is open to women and men dentists, dental assistants, hygienists, office managers, sales representatives and consumers. Joining our initiative is free! Simply click on the Join Us button and you will be updated on all upcoming programs and events.  Hope to see you there!