Sonia Leziy DDS - Mentor Award

Sonia Leziy DDS


Dr. Sonia Leziy describes herself as moving continuously between the roles of teacher and student. ” There’s always something you don’t know enough about.” she says — an intriguing statement from a woman who travels dozens of times a year to teach and lecture around the world about implants and esthetics therapies.

Her specialties are complemented by Dr. Brahm Miller, her husband and business partner whose prosthodontics focus enables their practice to serve patients across a range of conditions. The website of Imperio Group Dental Health Specialists, the couple’s practice in North Vancouver, British Columbia, says a lot about Dr. Leziy. She received her dental degree from McGill University in 1989 and subsequently completed a general practice residency program at the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal. Her post-graduate degree in periodontics was completed at the University of British Columbia in 1993.