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Asking the Powerful Question – Heather Penny

There is a movement amongst our society for women to ‘lean in’, for girls to accept and love their bodies, for gender equity in higher leadership, and for increased leadership development targeting women.  Certainly within this past decade, there has been a heightening of awareness where communities, groups, and individuals are intentionally shifting to address the question,  “How do we do a better job empowering our girls and women in areas of professional development and leadership equity?”  Furthermore, we are…

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Firsts by Erinne Kennedy, Nova Southeastern ’15, 2014-2015 ASDA Contributing Editor

Firsts Left Erinne Kennedy ’15 NOVA Southeastern; Right: Dr. Phyllis Filker, DMD, MPH Have you ever been the first to do something? The first to get your license in high school? The first in your family to graduate college? Or the first to win state or nationals representing a sports team? Being first seems easy when you see these icons in their glory.  The part society sees is the grand moment when a person becomes first. The moment the days,…

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