Reflecting on the Lucy Hobbs Project Annual Celebration

  • July 21, 2014
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LHP-Annual-Celebration_smallOn June 5th and 6th I had the pleasure to attend The Lucy Hobbs Project Celebration in Orlando, Florida. The opportunity came to me because my friend and co-worker, Ashley Kapuschinsky had a great idea that was chosen from all entries. She chose me to accompany her to this event. Since I started working for Benco in November of 2013, I have heard a great deal about Lucy Hobbs and The Lucy Hobbs Project that Benco has started. From the beginning I thought it was a great initiative. Typically when you hear of a dentist, people will think of a male. However, there are very many female dentists.

Thanks to the opportunity to attend The Lucy Hobbs Project Celebration, I was able to meet and mingle with various dentists. This included the award winners that were being honored. All the women who were honored at this celebration were amazing women that have done so much for their community and the female dentists in the country. It was interesting to see dentists, men and women combined, interact and share their viewpoints on topics. Many times they would have similar or even different viewpoints but found a common ground. When the award winners were sharing their stories, it was inspiring to hear what they were able to accomplish in their lives and trials that they overcame to become the strong and determined women they are now. Working in customer service with Benco, I have had a partial opportunity to speak with members of a dental office and the doctors. However, with attending this event I was able to meet face-to-face individuals from offices I have dealt with or have not had the pleasure of speaking to as of yet. It was a great concept to be able to put a face with names that you hear about. I felt welcomed by all attendees.

Liz Murray was the guest speaker during the conference. Many people know her from the Lifetime movie “Homeless to Harvard.” I have seen the many movie many times and heard the story, as I am sure others have. However, I have never been more riveted or effected by the story until hearing it from her own mouth.  She shared her story, the troubles she faced and how she overcame them to become the person that she is today. She was not looking for pity or sympathy, just wanted to show how lives can change and that we can help to change a person’s life by just providing them help. She mentioned how speaking in front of groups just started for her out of nowhere speaking to small groups at the school she attended and now has grown. I feel that anyone should take the opportunity to hear her speak. You will learn about her and you will learn more about yourself as well.

I believe it is a great opportunity for any member of the Benco family to attend one of these conferences or networking events. The Lucy Hobbs Project is a great initiative that can bring members of the Benco family, doctors and dental office workers together for a common cause and reason. In various aspects of the dental world, we interact daily for some period of time. The conferences and networking events allows all of us to interact on a more social level.

I look forward to working more with The Lucy Hobbs Project and helping to advance the mission of the organization.

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