Looking Through the Eyes of a Prospective Dental Student

Delaney2From my personal experience, it’s around my age, 16, where everyone is scrambling to find a path to take in life. Luckily, for me dentistry stuck out. My parents both took the dental path and I have been able to see what it is really like. My mother is a dental assistant and my stepfather is a sales representative for Benco Dental, which has allowed me to be able to see the interaction between the dentist and the patients in all different settings.

However, what fascinates me the most are the “before and after” pictures. For me, as I went through the period of having every piece of metal in my mouth growing up, to getting the smile I wanted, was a long time coming. But, I loved the outcome and all I could do was smile. I couldn’t help but share the excitement with the people who created it.  Creating a bigger and better smile for someone only reminds me of how happy I was when I received mine. I would love to be able to be the person they thank for their beautiful new smile.

Being involved in The Lucy Hobbs Project has allowed me to picture myself in a dental office. I was able to spend a day with professional women in dentistry, which allowed me to understand the challenges and rewards of being a dentist. While listening to the female dentists speak, they were so happy with what they were doing and I could tell that they absolutely love their jobs. That right there stood out for me as a huge reward of becoming a dentist. As for challenges, there are always things that need to be fixed in the office and machines that aren’t working, or maybe a customer left. I will be battling those challenges hopefully soon!

While walking through the Benco Dental office, I was able to see the different operatory set ups and materials used throughout an office. So many thoughts were going through my head and all I could do was smile. For the rest of the day all I could imagine was what my office was going to look like, and what it was going to be like to be a dentist. I’m very excited to see what the future holds for me and I am very thankful for all the help Benco and The Lucy Hobbs Project has given me!


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