5 reasons Benco delivers Herman Miller furniture to dentists across the U.S.

  • January 22, 2019
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At Herman Miller, people are important because they give purpose.

From their earliest days as a small town furniture company, to the global family of brands they are today, Herman Miller’s focus has always been people —  colleagues, neighbors, customers and partners.

Five years ago Benco Dental, the nation’s largest family-owned dental distributor in the U.S. introduced Herman Miller furniture to the dental community.

I visited Herman Miller’s home office in Michigan earlier this month for a weeklong hands-on training to become a Herman Miller Commercial Certified Installer for my role at Benco Dental as a CenterPoint Interior Designer.

Above, I’m in front of a history wall that Herman Miller built to accompany their book, A Way of Living.

As part of my venture there, I’d like to share…

5 ways Herman Miller brings value to dentistry

The five reasons below offer a glimpse into the Herman Miller philosophy that drives the inspired designs you can easily incorporate into your office with one call to your Friendly Benco Rep at 1.800.GOBENCO.

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1. They are a leader in problem-solving design. To solve real problems, you have to understand real people.

“At Herman Miller, we’ve always taken our inspiration from the ways people live, work and learn- tirelessly investigating what people around the world need to lead productive, fulfilling lives. Across our family of brands, we partner with the world’s most respected designers to develop original solutions to people’s essential problems.

Over the years, we have come to realize that we may not be the best at every type of product and that is OK. So, we search out those companies who are at the pinnacle of what they do and partner with them to provide you with a one-stop solution to whatever area of the dental office you need help with.”

Thinking about every aspect of your space, so you can focus on growing your business, Herman Miller has brought you:

  • bespoke furniture to the table, with Geiger,
  • a proven commercial fabric line, with Maharam and
  • a lifetime warrantied healthcare solution with Nemschoff, just to name a few of Herman Miller’s sister companies.
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2. They offer knowledge you can use — ‘Inspiring designs to help people do great things’.

“People immediately respond to places, which is why we’re so serious about the spaces where people work, learn and heal. By taking our human-centered insights and applying them to you, our customers unique issues and goals, we help create solutions that deliver real results to people and business. People are the most critical asset to an organization, so, why aren’t more offices designed to support their needs and activities?”

Herman Miller brings humanity back to the dental office to help your staff and business succeed. The office of today should support processes and technology of tomorrow, offer a way to reinforce your brand and provide respite in today’s fast paced workplace for customer and staff.

product_monitor mounts

3. They make products you can trust.

“We make products for people, people who rightfully demand quality, flexibility, beauty, sustainability and inspiration. Whether you’re shopping with Herman Miller or any one of our family of brands, you’re not just buying a product, you’re investing in a relationship.
Our commitment to you doesn’t end when the product leaves the factory. Delivery, service, warranty and timeless style are all part of the deal. Our goal is to equip your people to do great things so your organization will too!”

At any dental office, furniture and work tools or the lack of them can either help or hinder you process. With the diverse portfolio from Herman Miller, you can offer your staff what they need to achieve their goals. Some products you may not have thought of, but are an easy addition to your environment:

  • adjustable monitor mount to avoid neck and eye strain,
  • ergonomic task chairs that shape to the body, and
  • different styles of reception furniture to fit any budget.Herman Miller can help you create a workplace that reflects the character of your staff and the way they work.

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4. They’re a reliable partner, globally.

“Herman Miller is where you need us to be.

We’re all over the world and we offer a full suite of products and services thought our family of brands and through our dealers like Benco. Because we start with essential human needs and we work everywhere, we can tailor global solutions to local needs and norms.

Herman Miller is committed to designing not just better products but a better world. Taking a creative approach to problem solving ensures that the health and prosperity of our people, communities and planet stay strong. “

Throughout Herman Miller’s 100-plus years in business, many things have changed, but their values and principles have not.

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5. They live by their values.

“Today, across the Herman Miller family, we’re as committed as ever to design, preserving our environment, building strong communities and leading the way into the future where our people and customer all prosper.”

Can you define what success means to your dental practice? Is it a sense of happiness, well-being, engagement with staff and patients or connections that last? Success is more than money and should be seen in human terms, by fulfilling the fundamental needs of all.

At its core, Herman Miller, like Benco, is a company focused on people. “Inspiring products to help people do great things,” is a mission both companies embrace now and moving forward.

Want to learn how you can incorporate Herman Miller in your practice?

Contact Mandy Welman at 570-602-7011 or hermanmiller@benco.com