Robb Zbierski

  • October 9, 2016
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Robb Zbierski is an instructor at Freedom Personal Development, a Madison, Wisconsin-based career­ development consultancy. He frequently speaks to dental-industry groups, Seattle Study Club chapters and individual dental practices nationwide.

Robb explains that to become a better dentist, you’ve got to train your brain to ex­pect the positive – and then seek it out as diligently as you can.

“Lucy Hobbs chose not to participate in the existing mindset and skepticism. There’s a lot of value in being mindful that the brain’s natural tendency is to look at the negative and get sucked in. Choosing not to participate in that is a big deal. It’s as if Lucy Hobbs said, ‘I’m all out of damns to give.’ And that stems from having clarity about what your goals are. That’s your compass. When you have that clarity, it’s like paddling a canoe downstream versus upstream. Things just become easier.”